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Apple Digital Masters

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Apple Digital Masters has replaced the MfiT(Mastered for iTunes) process.
Disk-Edits is certified by Apple to provide this service.


This is the final stage before production or what's the fuss about?'s about ensuring your album or tracks sound amazing, as well as taking care of all the details of making a master which is ready for release.

With our purpose built mastering room equipped with accurate monitoring and a comprehensive list of mastering tools, we bring years of experience across all genres to give you the best technical outcome. However, above all, we understand that your music is art and we do our utmost to make sure that your vision is presented at it's best.
Great music "makes" you want to listen to it, it engages the listener!
Our goal is to make sure your music sounds as you intended it to sound and we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final product.

Next it's all about the technicalities, track order for an album, or different versions for a single that might include full mix, radio edit and instrumental or live performance versions.

Finally we add ISRC codes and CDText info for CD's, then we output the various master formats that will be required.
For CD manufacture we create a "DDP Image" file and if you are distributing online, then we perform "Digital Publishing" to create the various output formats including "Apple Digital Masters"™, standard wav files for normal distribution and mp3 or AAC formats as requested for promotional use. All versions will include the appropriate metadata.

Our Mastering Room

The Disk-Edits Mastering room is equipped with Australian made Grover Notting code 102 speakers and power units.

Monitoring from our Merging Technologies DA is via our own custom built analogue monitor control unit. The room was originally designed by AroTech Adelaide.

CD Image Player software

To enable easy proofing of album masters for our interstate and overseas clients, we have a custom image player available for Mac or PC.

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