Studio 2

Recording and tracking.

A great space for tracking drums without disturbing the neighbours or a well isolated space to record vocals or do overdubs.

Editing and Mixing.

Available with or without Engineer the space is perfect for mixing with quality monitoring, loads of plugins and plenty of interesting analogue gear.


Studio 2 is equipped with Australian made Grover Notting code 4 speakers and Universal power unit.

Recording & Production

Recording Space

At the heart of the building lies our recording space. With a good selection of microphones, this 4.5m by 3.5m air conditioned space is professionally treated and suitable for recording vocals, drums and small ensembles. The recording space can be used with either control room providing you with a choice of DAW (PMX, Protools or your own) and format, including Ultra-High Resolution DXD and DSD*.(*In the mastering Control room Only)

Studio 2

An ideal mixing and production space, this control room is equipped with Grover Notting Code 4 speakers and Universal Power Plant. It has its own powerful custom DAW, UAD Apollo 8 Interface, the latest versions of Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic and a good collection of professional 3rd party plugins. It is also set up for ease of use with an external system, just plug your own laptop into our Apollo 8 interface or Tascam console and full monitoring and routing through to the recording space becomes available, including any of our anaolgue outboard gear such as SSL VHD and Studer Mic preamps.

Location Recording

Full location recording services in standard sample rates or High sample rate DXD by Merging Technologies for fine music capture, editing and release in High Resolution.

Studio 2


We can transfer from most formats such as vinyl, cassette tape, 1/4" open reel, DAT, ADAT, DTRS (8mm DA88 format) and provide you with digital files.

Disk-Edits Pty Ltd

Music Mastering, Recording and Production.
CD, DVD and USB duplication and replication.
Vinyl pressing.
Creative Interpretive solutions, audio tours, interactive touch screen displays.
Location recording in High Resoluion DXD.

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