Mastering is our specialty, but there's more!

Here's a quick overview with links to more information.
Mastering is our specialty, for any release format, streaming, cd, download, tape or vinyl, we can help you with any aspect of your release.
Maybe you have done your own recording and mix, but need help to finish it before mastering.... then we can help with that too!
You might need a great space to track the loud things for your project, such as drums and bass or guitars, we have a great space for that, our DAW system or BYO.
Perhaps you need help with copying cassettes to a digital format or transfering 78rpm records....or maybe you have an early multitrack format such as ADAT, DTRS or even 1/2" 16 track analogue...we have the skills and well maintained gear to be able to help.
Of course it's not just all music recording and mastering.....sound design and interactivity for interpretive spaces has always been a part of our work. We build our own media devices as well as integrating products from respected industry leaders. Want to know more? Follow the site links below.


We offer many years of experience in Mastering audio.
All formats including high resolution, streaming, download, CD and Vinyl.

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Recording & Production

Air conditioned studio for tracking and mixing. Available with or without engineer. Very quiet voice studio. Location recording services include Ultra High Resolution DXD capability.

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CD/DVD USB and Vinyl

CD/DVD manufactured and assembled in Australia. Short run duplication, including Digipack. Barcodes. Customised USB dubbing. Vinyl Pressing.

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Interpretive Products

Creative and immersive content for Museums and Interactive Displays. Supply and installation of purpose built media players and interactive touch screens.

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Disk-Edits Pty Ltd

Music Mastering, Recording and Production.
CD, DVD and USB duplication and replication.
Vinyl pressing.
Creative Interpretive solutions, audio tours, interactive touch screen displays.
Location recording in High Resoluion DXD.

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